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A method of managing content, and in particular, managing content on the Internet retrieves a web page that includes an image and detects whether the image included within the web page is embedded with a digital watermark. It generates an indicia associated with an image included in the web page that is embedded with a digital watermark. The indicia indicate to the user which images include watermarks. The watermarks may be used to convey links to related web pages or specific information about the images, such as usage rights and licensing information. Variations of this method create image bookmarks to web pages including images using thumbnails of those images. A content management system comprises a first program for retrieving web pages including images. It also includes a second program for extracting an image from a web page, creating a thumbnail of the image, and forming an image bookmark linking the thumbnail to the web page that the image has been extracted from. The thumbnails are used to create a visual index to corresponding web pages from which the images originated on the Internet. A method of visual indexing of content on a network, such as the Internet, retrieves a web page, extracts an image included on the web page, generates a thumbnail of the image, and creates a link between the thumbnail and a location of the web page from which the image has been extracted.

Managing and indexing content on a network with image bookmarks and digital watermarks
Application Number
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7685426 (B2)
Application Date
February 2, 2005
Publication Date
March 23, 2010
Geoffrey B Rhoads
West Linn
Brian T MacIntosh
Lake Oswego
Daniel O Ramos
Digimarc Corporation
H04L 9/32
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