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A method of precision surface re-profiling of a composite polymeric component comprising a region capable of being re-profiled, comprising the steps of locating the polymeric composite component with a formable surface relative to a supporting fixture, the thickness of component comprising the formable surface being greater than the desired final thickness in a region to be re-profiled, moving a forming head into position into contact with the formable surface of the composite component with the aid of precision location or measurement sensors, causing the formable surface of the component to flow under the tool and creating a precisely defined local thickness or profile of component under the forming tool, and moving the forming head along the region of the component to be re-profiled, while maintaining the forming tool at a predetermined height profile or while leaving the re-profiled component with a predetermined thickness profile.

Method and apparatus for surface shaping of polymer composite components
Application Number
Publication Number
7676298 (B2)
Application Date
June 8, 2006
Publication Date
March 9, 2010
Andrew Beehag
Sheldon Mak Rose & Anderson PC
David A Farah
CRC for Advanced Composite Structures
G06F 19/00
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