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The invention relates to a combination of a first container and a second container to form a dispensing unit. The first and second containers each have a reservoir for a liquid substance and pump which is secured to the reservoir, can be actuated by hand and has a dispensing opening and a pump-actuating button for dispensing substance from the reservoir. The combination also comprises coupling means for coupling together the first and second containers in a position next to one another. The invention is characterized in that the coupling means comprise: one or more first coupling members, which are each arranged on the first container, and one or more second coupling means, which are each arranged on the second container and which can each be directly coupled to an associated first coupling member on the first container. It is preferable for a first coupling member and an associated second coupling member each to be arranged fixedly on the assembly of reservoir and pump of the associated container in order to create a stable coupling between the assemblies reservoir and pump of the two containers.

Dispensing unit
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7654415 (B2)
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March 11, 2003
Publication Date
February 2, 2010
Edgar Ivo Maria van der Heijden
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Hoffmann & Baron
Airspray International
B67D 5/52
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