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A method and a circuit for controlling a motor and a brushless motor using the same are provided. The brushless motor includes three phase coils, wherein the first terminals of all the phase coils are coupled to a common node. The method includes following steps: among the above-mentioned three phase coils, when there is no current flowing through the first phase coil of the above-mentioned three phase coils and a current flows from the second terminal of the second coil to the second terminal of the third phase coil, detecting the voltage at the second terminal of the first phase coil to be a first specific voltage; detecting the voltage drop of a DC sensing resistor to be a second specific voltage; and utilizing the first specific voltage, the second specific voltage and the DC voltage supplied to the motor to estimate zero crossing points for controlling the motor.

Method and circuit for controlling motor and brushless motor system using the same
Application Number
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7649329 (B2)
Application Date
May 23, 2007
Publication Date
January 19, 2010
Kuang Yao Cheng
Jianq Chyun IP Office
Prolific Technology
H02P 6/06
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