07639343 is referenced by 109 patents and cites 117 patents.

An exposure apparatus illuminates a pattern with an energy beam and transfers the pattern onto a substrate via a projection optical system. The exposure apparatus includes a substrate stage on which the substrate is mounted and that moves within a two-dimensional plane holding the substrate. In addition, a supply mechanism supplies liquid to locally fill a space between the projection optical system and the substrate on the substrate stage with the liquid, and a recovery mechanism recovers the liquid. A plate is provided in at least a part of the periphery of a mounted area of the substrate on the substrate stage. The plate has a surface arranged at substantially the same height as a surface of the substrate mounted on the substrate stage.

Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Application Number
Publication Number
7639343 (B2)
Application Date
January 19, 2007
Publication Date
December 29, 2009
Shigeru Hirukawa
Oliff & Berridge
Nikon Corporation
G03B 27/32
G03B 27/58
G03B 27/52
G03B 27/42
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