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A local area network (60) within a residence or other building, including both wired (5) and non-wired segments (53). The wired segments are based on new or existing wires (5a, 5b, 5c, 5d, 5e) in the building, wherein access to the wires is provided by means of outlets (61a, 61d), such as a telephone system, electrical power distribution system, or cable television wiring system. The non-wired segments are based on communication using propagated waves such as radio, sound, or light (e.g. infrared). The wired and non-wired segments interface in the outlet, using a module (50) that serves as mediator between the segments. The module can be integrated into the outlet, partially housed in the outlet, or attached externally to the outlet. Such a network allows for integrated communication of data units (24b) connected by wires and data units (24a, 24d) connected without wires.

Network combining wired and non-wired segments
Application Number
Publication Number
7636373 (B2)
Application Date
November 29, 2006
Publication Date
December 22, 2009
Yehuda Binder
Hod Hasharon
Browdy and Neimark PLLC
Mosaid Technologies Incorporated
H04L 12/66
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