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Some embodiments provide surface mount devices that include a first electrode comprising a chip carrier part, a second electrode disposed proximate to the chip carrier part, and a casing encasing a portion of the first and second electrodes. The first electrode can extend from the chip carrier part toward a perimeter of the casing, and the second electrode can extend away from the chip carrier part and projects outside of the casing. In extending away from the chip carrier part the first electrode divides into a plurality of leads separated by an aperture that join into a single first joined lead portion with a first width before projecting outside of the casing and maintains the first width outside of the casing. The second electrode can attain a second width prior to projecting outside of the casing and maintains the second width outside the casing.

Apparatus and method for use in mounting electronic elements
Application Number
Publication Number
7635915 (B2)
Application Date
April 26, 2006
Publication Date
December 22, 2009
Siu Cheong Cheng
Hong Kong
Jian Hui Xie
Koppel Patrick Heybl & Dawson
Cree Hong Kong
H01L 23/48
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