07627598 is referenced by 198 patents and cites 87 patents.

A user interface provides historical and hierarchical search and navigation modes through previously selected and hierarchically linked multimedia applications, documents and directories. The system permits a search for information through hierarchically linked documents accessible via the Internet in which an individual document contains a reference link to a succeeding document. The systems includes an input processor for receiving a user entered search information item identifying an object associated with at least one of the hierarchically linked documents. An Internet processor for searching and identifying a plurality of child documents hierarchically linked to a parent document identified by the object and excluding non-hierarchically associated documents in response to user initiation of a hierarchical search. An output processor processes data identifying the plurality of child documents for communication to a reproduction device.

User interface and search system for internet and other applications
Application Number
Publication Number
7627598 (B1)
Application Date
January 12, 2006
Publication Date
December 1, 2009
Alexander James Burke
Upper Montclair, 07043
G06F 15/16
G06F 7/00
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