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The present invention is directed to an infusion stand for supporting an articles such as an IV bag. In one embodiment, the infusion stand comprises a gas spring engaged with a moveable base assembly. The infusion stand further comprises a foot pedal assembly mounted to the base assembly that is adapted to actuate the gas spring. The infusion stand further comprises an extension arm having one end engaged with the gas spring and the other end to an IV bag support adapted to support one or more IV bags. The infusion stand may further comprise a handle assembly connected to the upper portion of the extension arm. In operation, depression of the foot pedal assembly causes activation of the gas spring which raises the IV bag support to a selected height. An operator may grasp the handle assembly to control upward or downward movement of the IV bag support to a desired height and fix the desired height by release of the foot pedal assembly.

Infusion stand
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7624953 (B2)
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June 3, 2006
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December 1, 2009
Bradley S Silverman
Foxboro, 02035
Jeffrey M Silverman
Stoughton, 02072
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A47F 5/00
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