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An apparatus is disclosed for endoscopic application of surgical staples adapted to attach surgical mesh to body tissue in laparoscopic hernia surgery. The apparatus includes a frame, and a generally elongated endoscopic section connected to the frame and extending distally therefrom. A staple storage cartridge is removably supported on a pivotal support system at the distal end portion of the endoscopic section with each staple being configured and adapted to attach the mesh to the body tissue. An elongated pusher system formed of several assembled components and extending from the frame to the endoscopic section is provided for individually advancing at least one staple at a time distally for positioning adjacent the surgical mesh and the body tissue. The pusher system also includes a trigger system to actuate the pusher. The trigger system is provided with perceptible tactile sensing means to indicate when the legs of the staple being advanced are exposed so as to be visible to the user for positioning and orientation purposes. Anvil means provides for individually closing each staple to encompass at least a portion of the surgical mesh and to penetrate the body tissue in a manner to attach the portion of the mesh to the body tissue. Projecting distally of the cartridge support system is a pair of legs which are dimensioned and configured to engage the staple during closure to prevent unwanted roll or deformation outside of the plane of the staple.

Apparatus for applying surgical fastners to body tissue
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7624903 (B2)
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January 8, 2004
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December 1, 2009
Dominick L Mastri
Bridgeport, 06606
Richard A McGarry
Norwalk, 06851
Stephan A DeFonzo
Wayne, 19087
Wayne Young
Brewster, 10609
Henry Bolanos
Norwalk, 06854
David T Green
Gulf Stream, 33483
A61B 17/04
A61B 17/10
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