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Watermark data may be transported by preprocessing one or more elementary data streams. Preprocessing may be achieved by demultiplexing the elementary data stream or by including an extra elementary data stream among the elementary data stream. To insert a watermark in either the elementary data stream or extra elementary data stream, a watermark object may be created by precomputing watermark change data using watermark metadata. Once created, the watermark object may be transported either by packetizing and multiplexing the watermark object into the elementary data stream or overwriting the extra elementary data stream. Afterwards, process takes place. Where packetizing and multiplexing occurs, processing includes demultiplexing the elementary data stream, creating a watermarked elementary data stream and reinserting the watermarked elementary data stream. Where overwriting occurs, processing may include discarding the watermark object upon completing watermarking and may include decoding the watermarked elementary data stream.

Versatile watermark transport system
Application Number
Publication Number
7623673 (B2)
Application Date
March 30, 2006
Publication Date
November 24, 2009
Guillaume Mercier
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation
G06K 9/00
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