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A power control interface between an unstable power source such as a wind farm and a power transmission line employs an electrical energy storage, control system, and electronic compensation module which act together like an “electronic shock absorber” for storing excess power during periods of increased power generation and releasing stored energy during periods of decreased power generation due to wind fluctuations. The control system is provided with a “look ahead” capability for predicting power output (wind speed conditions) and maintaining energy storage or release over a “narrow-band” range despite short duration fluctuations. The control system uses data derived from monitoring the wind farm power output and the power transmission line, and employs system-modeling algorithms to predict narrow-band wind speed conditions. The power control interface can also use its energy storage capacity to provide voltage support at the point of injection into the power transmission system, as well as fault clearance capability for “riding out” transient fault conditions occurring on the power transmission line.

Power control interface and energy storage between a wind farm and a power transmission system
Application Number
Publication Number
7622816 (B2)
Application Date
October 6, 2008
Publication Date
November 24, 2009
Karl E Stahlkopf
Leighton K Chong
Hawaiian Electric Co
H02J 3/00
F03D 9/00
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