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Systems and methods for communicating with an implant within a patient's body using acoustic telemetry includes an external communications device attachable to the patient's skin. The device includes an acoustic transducer for transmitting acoustic signals into the patient's body and/or for receiving acoustic signals from the implant. The device includes a battery for providing electrical energy to operate the device, a processor for extracting data from acoustic signals received from the implant, and memory for storing the data. The device may include an interface for communicating with a recorder or computer, e.g., to transfer data from the implant and/or to receive instructions for controlling the implant. The device is secured to the patient's skin for controlling, monitoring, or otherwise communicating with the implant, while allowing the patient to remain mobile.

Systems and method for communicating with implantable devices
Application Number
Publication Number
7617001 (B2)
Application Date
March 6, 2006
Publication Date
November 10, 2009
Eyal Doron
Kiryat Yam
Avi Penner
Tel Aviv
Faegre & Benson
Remon Medical Technologies
A61N 1/18
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