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The present invention concerns methods and apparatus for implementing the ability to transpose rows and columns of a table displayed in a graphical user interface of a computer system. In embodiments of the invention, at least one in-line table row and column control is incorporated in the table; when selected, the in-line table row and column control causes information originally arrayed in columns to be displayed in rows, and causes information originally arrayed in rows to be displayed in columns. In other embodiments of the present invention, a user can select subsets of rows or columns for display in a transposed table with a filter function that operates in combination with the in-line table row and column control. After a filter selection is made, information contained in rows and columns not selected is filtered out and only information in selected rows and columns will be displayed in the transposed table.

Methods and apparatus for implementing inline controls for transposing rows and columns of computer-based tables
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7614006 (B2)
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February 11, 2005
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November 3, 2009
Mark E Molander
Harrington & Smith PC
International Business Machines Corporation
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G06F 3/048
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