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A nozzle arrangement for a pagewidth inkjet printhead assembly includes a substrate that defines an ink supply channel. Walls define an ink chamber in fluid communication with the ink supply channel and an ink ejection port in fluid communication with the fluid chamber and having an ink spreading prevention rim. A thermal actuator mechanism is arranged in the substrate and is configured to eject ink from the chamber via the ejection port. The mechanism has a thermal actuator arm capable of deflection as a result of relative thermal expansion. Control logic architecture is on the substrate for controlling the thermal actuator arm. The architecture has a number of successive shift registers each having a data input and a data output. A transfer register is arranged to receive the data output from a last shift register. A firing control gate has an enabling input and a gate data input that receives an output from the transfer register. The gate operatively drives the thermal actuator according to the enabling and gate data inputs.

Nozzle arrangement with control logic architecture for an ink jet printhead
Application Number
Publication Number
7585047 (B2)
Application Date
June 16, 2008
Publication Date
September 8, 2009
Kia Silverbrook
Silverbrook Research
B41J 2/015
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