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A motor/dynamo including a mounting shaft having a hollow channel and a bearing attached to each end, a non-rotating cylindrical hub having a hollow core for the mounting shaft, single or plural rows of plural parallel pole molded magnetic flux channels each having two halves and forming a hollow channel through which wire is transversely wound through fixedly attached on a surface of the cylindrical hub forming a high efficiency, high torque, direct drive motor/dynamo, utilizing Parallel Pole Molded Magnetic Flux Channels, low resistance and impedance transverse coil windings, and physically separate stators for electrical phases. The high torque, high efficiency motor capable of driving wheels, tracks, propellers, and other loads without a gearbox or other torque multiplying device. The high efficiency dynamo capable of being directly driven by wind turbines without a speed increasing gearbox or other speed multiplying device.

High-efficiency parallel-pole molded-magnetic flux channels transverse wound motor-dynamo
Application Number
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7579742 (B1)
Application Date
January 17, 2008
Publication Date
August 25, 2009
Norman Rittenhouse
Fairbury, 61739
Law Offices of Brian S Steinberger P A
Phyllis K Wood
Brian S Steinberger
H02K 21/12
H02K 1/12
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