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The present invention provides a method and system for generating electronic purchase orders and purchase order responses. Purchase orders and purchase order responses may be automatically filled in using business data stored by the purchaser. The system may automatically generate one or more messages and attach the purchase order and/or purchase order response to transmit these forms to a supplier. The supplier may accept all of the terms of the purchase order or submit changes in the purchase order response. After completing the response, the sender may attach it another message and transmit it. The purchaser may review the purchase order response and may automatically download it into a purchasing system. This system allows a supplier to work off-line without losing any benefits of on-line access. For example, the supplier's input is filtered as it would be if the supplier was working on-line. Also, the supplier's information can be uploaded automatically into the purchaser's system.

Purchase order and purchase order response interactive forms
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Publication Number
7577587 (B2)
Application Date
September 24, 2004
Publication Date
August 18, 2009
Karen A Gee
Kenyon & Kenyon
G06Q 30/00
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