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A solvent deasphalting of crude oil or petroleum heavy fractions and residues is carried out in the presence of a solid adsorbent, such as clay, silica, alumina and activated carbon, which adsorbs the contaminants and permits the solvent and oil fraction to be removed as a separate stream from which the solvent is recovered for recycling; the adsorbent with contaminants and the asphalt bottoms is mixed with aromatic and/or polar solvents to desorb the contaminants and washed as necessary, e.g., with benzene, toluene, xylenes and tetrahydrofuran, to clean adsorbant which is recovered and recycled; the solvent-asphalt mixture is sent to a fractionator for recovery and recycling of the aromatic or polar solvent. The bottoms from the fractionator include the concentrated PNA and contaminants and are further processes as appropriate.

Enhanced solvent deasphalting process for heavy hydrocarbon feedstocks utilizing solid adsorbent
Application Number
Publication Number
7566394 (B2)
Application Date
October 20, 2006
Publication Date
July 28, 2009
Omer Refa Koseoglu
Abelman Frayne & Schwab
Saudi Arabian Oil Company
C10C 3/08
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