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Disclosed is a power line broadband communication system having broadband coupler devices capable of direct electrical connection to an energized power line. The coupler includes a conductive portion movable by an adjustable member from a non-conducting retracted position spaced apart from the power transmission line to a forward conducting position in electrical contact with the power line. An insulated arm supports the coupler on the power line. A base on the coupler is engageable with a remotely activated tool in order to accomplish the electrical connection in a safe and secure manner. Broadband data signals are sent to and from customer premises along the shared energized power lines. New coupler connections to the energized power lines allow the additional broadband customers and/or repeaters to join the communication system. Also couplers may provide connections to control electronics, routers, wireless transceivers, and may allow the broadband signals to bypass transformers on the power lines. The invention helps to minimize risk by allowing an installer to be remotely spaced from the energized power line while making the electrical coupling contact with the energized power line.

Broadband coupler technique for electrical connection to power lines
Application Number
Publication Number
7561025 (B2)
Application Date
October 13, 2006
Publication Date
July 14, 2009
Paul Shala Henry
Irwin Gerszberg
Kendall Park
AT&T Intellectual Property II
G05B 11/01
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