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A remote asset management system comprising a network of programmable wireless modules, each having an antenna and an identification module and configured to communicate via a radio communication protocol. The system further includes a plurality of assets each linked to one of the programmable wireless modules and configured to be managed by the linked programmable wireless module. A remote system server service platform is configured to receive remote asset data from at least one of the programmable wireless modules, pass the remote asset data to and from the wireless modules, send messages to at least one of the programmable wireless modules, monitor the programmable wireless modules by requesting and receiving current mode information, and remotely program the programmable wireless modules. A data processing module located within the at least one programmable wireless module and configured to process messages received by the programmable wireless module, authenticate said message, analyze authenticated messages, and carry out asset management instructions included in the message.

System and method for remote asset management
Application Number
Publication Number
7558564 (B2)
Application Date
January 6, 2006
Publication Date
July 7, 2009
Philip Bernard Wesby
Tiddington Stratford Upon Avon, CB37 7AJ
Bromberg & Sunstein
H04M 3/00
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