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A method for modeling geological structures includes identifying fault planes in a geologic structure, and creating a set of substantially vertically oriented pillars along the fault plane. The pillar grids are then combined into a common three-dimensional grid pillar network, and a two-dimensional plane is defined that intersects the middle node of the pillars. Planes are identified that are oriented in the substantially horizontal direction and horizontal node points are created, and such a process is repeated for other node levels. A skeleton grid is then created by drawing a substantially vertically oriented pillar through each corresponding grid intersection, and then primary horizons as defined by interpretation of seismic data are inserted into the skeleton grid. And, a final scale resolution is created by dividing the spaces bounded between actual horizons and fault planes, and eventual actual part of the outer boundary into one or more horizontally oriented fine layers.

Three dimensional geological model construction
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7542037 (B2)
Application Date
May 2, 2006
Publication Date
June 2, 2009
Nils P Fremming
Bryan Galloway
Jim Patterson
Robert P Lord
Schlumberger Technology Corporation
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