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A tile for an interlocking rubber mat includes a tile body having an upper surface, a lower surface, and a rectangular peripheral edge. The upper surface is imprinted with a repeating paving stone pattern of a square adjacent an octagon. Each square has four sides of equal length, and each octagon has every second side equal to the sides of the square. A series of projections extend beyond at least one side of the peripheral edge, the space between the projections being adapted to receive the projections of an adjacent tile. Each projection includes a projecting square and a projecting octagon, wherein the projecting square of each projection is adjacent a peripheral octagon of the at least one side of the peripheral edge and the projecting octagon is adjacent a remote side of the projecting square opposite the peripheral octagon. Each peripheral octagon on the at least one side having an associated projection.

Interlocking rubber mat resembling a paving stone surface
Application Number
Publication Number
7540684 (B1)
Application Date
November 21, 2007
Publication Date
June 2, 2009
Mark Lukasik
Christensen O Connor Johnson Kindness PLLC
Champagne Edition
E01C 5/18
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