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A high-pressure connector for an electrical power cable section having a central stranded conductor encased in a polymeric insulation jacket and having an interstitial void volume in the region of the stranded conductor, the high-pressure connector being suited for confining a fluid within the interstitial void volume at a residual pressure above atmospheric, but below the elastic limit of the polymeric insulation jacket, the high-pressure connector comprising a housing having a wall defining an interior chamber configured to be in fluid communication with the interstitial void volume and an end portion sized to receive the insulation jacket within the interior chamber and to overlap at least a portion of the insulation jacket at an end thereof with the cable section extending from the housing end portion and at least a portion of the stranded conductor positioned within the interior chamber. The housing wall of the housing end portion has an engagement portion comprised of a swagable material to secure the housing wall to the insulation jacket in fluid-tight sealed engagement therewith upon inward swaging of the engagement portion of the housing wall of the housing end portion to the insulation jacket to confine the fluid at the residual pressure within the interior chamber and the interstitial void volume. The housing includes at least one axially-projecting engagement member located within the interior chamber at the engagement portion of the housing wall of the housing end portion.

Swagable high-pressure cable connectors having improved sealing means
Application Number
Publication Number
7538274 (B2)
Application Date
January 19, 2007
Publication Date
May 26, 2009
Anthony Roy Theimer
Glen J Bertini
George C Rondeau Jr
Davis Wright Tremaine
H01R 4/00
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