07529698 is referenced by 109 patents and cites 21 patents.

A computer-implemented method, including receiving information regarding a transaction involving an account, wherein the information regarding the transaction is received by a receiver prior to a processing, a completion, a consummation, or a cancellation, of the transaction, processing the information regarding the transaction with a processing device using information regarding the account, generating a report or a message in response to the processing of the information regarding the transaction, wherein the report or the message contains information regarding a charge-back regarding a previous transaction involving the account, and transmitting the information report to a communication device associated with a merchant, vendor, or provider, of a good, product, or service.

Apparatus and method for providing transaction history information, account history information, and/or charge-back information
Application Number
Publication Number
7529698 (B2)
Application Date
January 15, 2002
Publication Date
May 5, 2009
Raymond Anthony Joao
Yonkers, 10703
Raymond A Joao Esq
G06Q 40/00
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