07528496 is referenced by 35 patents and cites 26 patents.

A method for operating at least one wind turbine with a rotor and an electric generator coupled to the rotor for delivering electrical power into an energy distribution system with the aid of a control device ensures that the wind turbine operates within its operating range. The wind turbine is controlled in response to the change of a system operating parameter and for a period of time, in such a manner that a higher power is fed into the system than belongs to the operating range of the steady-state operation. The same conditions also apply to a method for providing control power or primary control power for an electric energy generator and distributor system to which a multiplicity of power stations including wind turbines is connected, and to a wind turbine.

Method for operating or controlling a wind turbine and method for providing primary control power by means of wind turbines
Application Number
Publication Number
7528496 (B2)
Application Date
September 3, 2004
Publication Date
May 5, 2009
Jens Fortmann
Morrison & Foerster
REpower Systems
H02P 9/00
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