07525203 is referenced by 31 patents and cites 48 patents.

A firearm improvement taking the form of a mechanical dynamo installed in an automatic firearm. Several components either replace certain parts of the firearm or are added to the firearm. In conjunction with the operation of the firearm, the components generate electric energy which is then stored in a capacitor, battery, or other element for the storage of electric energy, or supply power to a battery recharging unit attached to the firearm. The electric energy contained in the storage component, or used to recharge the batteries placed in the recharging unit, may be used at a later time as a back-up power supply for electronic components attached to or incorporated into the firearm, such as red-dot or reflex sights, laser sighting equipment, or night vision equipment.

Back-up electric power generator for electronic components attached to automatic firearms
Application Number
Publication Number
7525203 (B1)
Application Date
August 10, 2006
Publication Date
April 28, 2009
Jeffrey Racho
Hazleton, 18201
Panitch Schwarze Belisario & Nadel
F21L 13/00
B60Q 1/26
B60Q 1/00
H02K 35/00
H02K 33/00
H02K 41/00
F02B 63/04
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