07510284 is referenced by 12 patents and cites 91 patents.

Described herein are display devices that provide projection-type video output and use redundant sets of lasers to generate light. The laser set produces a desired amount of light, e.g., for a primary color. A redundant laser set includes more lasers than that needed to produce the desired amount of light. For example, a set of six lasers may only need five lasers to generate and emit a desired amount of light. The sixth laser allows failure of one laser in the set to not compromise operability of the entire set—and the display device. In addition, extra lasers in a laser set also allows the lasers to be cycled for heat purposes and to extend longevity of individual lasers in the set.

Projection-type display devices including redundant laser sets
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7510284 (B2)
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April 27, 2007
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March 31, 2009
William J Plut
Menlo Park, 94025
Amin Turocy & Calvin
H01S 3/00
G03B 21/20
G03B 21/16
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