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A system (1) for point of care diagnosis and/or analysis of a body fluid of a patient, includes at least one cartridge (2), at least one handheld diagnosis and/or analysis device (3) and at least one data processing device (4). Each cartridge (2) comprises a sample receiving room (5) for receiving a sample of the body fluid to be diagnosed and/or analyzed, a diagnosing and/or analyzing arrangement (6) for measuring at least one physiological parameter of the sample, and a first interface (7) for connecting the cartridge (2) to the handheld device (3). Each handheld device (3) comprises one second interface (8) for connecting one of said cartridges (2) to the handheld device (3), a measurement arrangement (9) co-operating with the connected cartridge (2) for measuring the parameter and generating measurement data thereof, and one third interface (13) for connecting the handheld device (3) to the data processing device (4). Each data processing device (4) comprises one fourth interface (14) for connecting one of said handheld devices (3) to the data processing device (3), and a data processing unit (15) co-operating with the connected handheld device (3) for further processing the measurement data.

System for point of care diagnosis and/or analysis
Application Number
Publication Number
7509232 (B2)
Application Date
May 5, 2003
Publication Date
March 24, 2009
Christopher Sprague Boit
Gerhard Pross
Weil im Schönbuch
Jens Peter Seher
Koninklijke Philips Electronics
G21C 17/00
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