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The present invention includes a system and method for automatically extracting the demographic information from images. The system detects the face in an image, locates different components, extracts component features, and then classifies the components to identify the age, gender, or ethnicity of the person(s) in the image. Using components for demographic classification gives better results as compared to currently known techniques. Moreover, the described system and technique can be used to extract demographic information in more robust manner than currently known methods, in environments where high degree of variability in size, shape, color, texture, pose, and occlusion exists. This invention also performs classifier fusion using Data Level fusion and Multi-level classification for fusing results of various component demographic classifiers. Besides use as an automated data collection system wherein given the necessary facial information as the data, the demographic category of the person is determined automatically, the system could also be used for targeting of the advertisements, surveillance, human computer interaction, security enhancements, immersive computer games and improving user interfaces based on demographic information.

Demographic classification using image components
Application Number
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7505621 (B1)
Application Date
October 22, 2004
Publication Date
March 17, 2009
Rajeev Sharma
State College
Pyush Agrawal
State College
VideoMining Corporation
G06K 9/68
G06K 9/46
G06K 9/62
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