07493721 is referenced by 27 patents and cites 29 patents.

An improved mounting assembly is provided that is configured to be releasably mounted onto a standard dovetail rail profile and includes a positive index that corresponds to a fully opened position. The mounting assembly includes a boss formation that extends from one side thereof. A camming member and an actuator arm are installed into the boss formation and serve as a means for engaging and disengaging the mounting assembly relative to the dovetail rail. A shoulder formation is provided on the boss formation adjacent the actuator arm and extends upwardly such that the shoulder prevents over rotation of the actuator arm allowing the actuator arm to be positioned in a fully disengaged, open position where it will not interfere with removal or installation of the mounting assembly relative to the rail.

Mounting assembly with positive stop for actuator arm
Application Number
Publication Number
7493721 (B2)
Application Date
August 24, 2007
Publication Date
February 24, 2009
Richard E Swan
E. Bridgewater, 02333
Barlow Josephs & Holmes
F41G 1/38
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