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A method of garment fitting, selection and creation is provided. The invention provides for the scanning of an individual to provide a photo-realistic virtual 3-D image of the individual in a physically simulated 3-D garment and provides for the use of measurements of the individual to intelligently recommend garments, produce patterns for custom made garments, provide alteration suggestions to fit a garment to the particular individual. The measurements and the photo-realistic 3-D information is stored so that an individual does not need to re-input information or undergo multiple scans, and can shop from home using the previously obtained information profile. Measurements and suggestions can be used by the individual or automatically sent to a manufacturer, dressmaker or tailor for the creation or alteration of a garment to achieve a correct fit for the individual.

Method of virtual garment fitting, selection, and processing
Application Number
Publication Number
7479956 (B2)
Application Date
October 17, 2002
Publication Date
January 20, 2009
Tanya Anne Shaw Weeks
Windsor Junction
Unique Solutions Design
G09G 5/00
G06T 15/00
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