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The present invention is directed to a non-intrusive data transmission network for use in a healthcare facility and method for implementing such network. Each individual patient's room is equipped with a set-top control device, a separate camera, microphone, control module camera control device. The SCD allows for a non-intrusive installation within a minimum amount of time. By utilizing the existing cable television infrastructure, the device creates a high-speed data network throughout the facility. The interface between the SCD and the CCD is accomplished through a standard interface for universally connecting auxiliary devices, such as USB, for enabling expandable, hot-pluggable Plug and Play serial device interfaces. These ports allow external devices such as the camera, microphone, infrared keyboard and privacy control unit to communicate with the SCD. Additional USB ports on the SCD allow for other devices to be connected to the network at a future time. Such devices include those for instrument monitoring, doctor information access or pharmaceutical prescription ordering. Visual information such as e-mail, web browsing, video and audio communications via web camera applications from family members, friends or other parties may be viewed by the patient from the in-room TV set by way of the internal RF modulator (and connecting to the Internet via the patient Internet server). The SCD switches from the standard cable TV channels to the SCD by way of an internal switch controlled by the patient from an infrared control. This control also enables or disables the camera to allow for privacy at times when such privacy is required from external Internet access. The system is configurable to offer this privacy to be layered from specific Internet or external users to the nurses, doctors or security department as the hospital desires.

Non-intrusive data transmission network for use in an enterprise facility and method for implementing
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7477285 (B1)
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December 12, 2003
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January 13, 2009
Steven Johnson
Highland Village
Rudolph J Buchel Jr
Careview Communication
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