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A media services interface for use in a readable medium playback device enables synchronization of disparate media playback, network directed playback of media, media playback control via displayed html/javascript file, logging of consumer identifier, media identifier, and playback device identifier in a cookie or log file. The media services comprises a command handler, a properties handler, an event generator, a cookie manager, a navigator state module, an identifier engine, an initialization module, and a bookmark manager. The command handler executes commands received from a connected network, a displayed html/javascript file, etc. The properties handler provides information relating to system states in response to queries including the status of any network connections. The event generator generates events in response to predetermined system occurrences. The cookie manager records information for later reading including the tracking of consumer identifier, playback device identifier, and readable medium identifier triples. The navigator state module maintains information regarding the state of the playback device and the interaction with the readable medium. The identifier engine carries out determination of the identity of the readable medium. The initialization module controls system initialization. The bookmark manager generates bookmarks which preserve positions in the playback of the readable medium for later recall. Network sources can provide media content and issue commands which synchronize the playback of both network and readable medium originated content over multiple playback devices through the use of the synchronization abilities of the media services.

Presentation of media content
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7454515 (B2)
Application Date
May 20, 2005
Publication Date
November 18, 2008
Greg Gewickey
Silver City
Todd R Collart
Los Altos
Allan B Lamkin
San Diego
Fitch Even Tabin & Flannery
Sonic Solutions A California corporation
G06F 13/00
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