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A biocompatible fastener particularly well-suited for use in fundoplication procedures. In a preferred embodiment, the fastener is designed to break within the span of approximately three to six months after implantation and comprises a male portion and a female portion. The male portion includes a first base member, the first base member being generally flat and oval. A pair of male members are mounted on the bottom surface of the first base member, each male member comprising a cylindrical post extending downwardly from the bottom surface of the first base member and a conical head disposed at the bottom end of the post. The female portion includes a second base member, the second base member being generally flat and oval. A pair of sleeves are mounted on the top surface of the second base member and extend upwardly therefrom. Each sleeve defines a bore adapted to receive a head from a corresponding male member and has an inner flange formed thereon. The flange extends radially into the bore and is engageable with the head once the head has been inserted therepast so as to inhibit withdrawal of the head from the bore. Except for an outer coating on each of the two heads, the fastener is made entirely of a non-bioabsorbable material or a bioabsorbable material having a relatively slow degradation rate. By contrast, the outer coating is made of a bioabsorbable material having a relatively fast degradation rate. The thickness of the outer coating is appropriately selected so that degradation of the outer coating permits each head to be withdrawn past its flange after a desired period of time.

Impermanent biocompatible fastener
Application Number
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7442201 (B2)
Application Date
November 12, 2003
Publication Date
October 28, 2008
Joseph A Levendusky
Charles H Pugsley
Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett and Dunner
Boston Scientific Scimed
A61B 17/56
A61D 1/00
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