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The invention relates to a body support and comfort device. The device comprises an inflatable bladder having a shape and size to substantially cover at least one support surface of a body support device so as to conform to and provide a comfort and support layer to the body support device. The body support and comfort device also includes at least one comfort layer shaped and arranged to substantially cover a surface of the inflatable bladder that is to interact with a user. According to one embodiment, a self-sealing valve is coupled to a port of the inflatable bladder, and is constructed and arranged to enable all of inflation, deflation, and comfort of the surface comfort device.

Body support, comfort device
Application Number
Publication Number
7424760 (B2)
Application Date
March 25, 2005
Publication Date
September 16, 2008
Robert B Chaffee
Boston, 02116
Lowrie Lando & Anastasi
A47C 27/00
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