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A biodegradable absorbent mat for absorbing and containing moisture including debris from pet feet, consisting of a bottom layer formed of an organic absorbent mesh composite, a top layer affixed and overlying said bottom layer, having an alternating combination of stitched paper ruffles and helically intertwined brush fibers. The organic mesh composite may be burlap or paper, treated with starch for rigidity, and then coated with a natural gum or latex to enhance friction grip and provide a moisture barrier. The configuration of the stitched paper ruffles, provide maximum exposure of the cut linear edges of the ruffles to a pet's feet. The cut linear edges wick away moisture increasing the rate of absorbency. The stitched paper ruffles provide increased capacity for absorbency and debris containment. The helically intertwined brush fibers primarily remove debris from pet feet, and also provide a secondary function of containment of debris.

Biodegradable pet mat
Application Number
Publication Number
7392765 (B2)
Application Date
January 18, 2006
Publication Date
July 1, 2008
Terry R Lingmann
Oregon City, 97045
Robert J Ireland
Terry R Lingmann
A01K 1/015
A01K 1/01
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