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A shipping container that facilitates communications between wireless communication devices within the shipping container and an external network container includes a keyhole communication device that is adapted for wireless communications with the external network and that includes first and second housing components. The first and second housing components together form an integrated housing structure that extends through a small opening in a wall of the shipping container, with the first housing component being disposed exterior to the shipping container and the second housing component being disposed interior to the shipping container. A first antenna is disposed within the first housing component for communications via a first communications protocol, such as a Bluetooth protocol. A second antenna also may be disposed within the first housing component for communications via a second communications protocol, such as a cellular communications protocol. The communications are controlled by electronic circuitry within the second housing component.

Keyhole communication device for tracking and monitoring shipping container and contents thereof
Application Number
Publication Number
7391321 (B2)
Application Date
January 10, 2006
Publication Date
June 24, 2008
Robert W Twitchell Jr
James D Wright
Chad D Tillman
Tillman Wright PLLC
Terahop Networks
G08B 13/14
G08B 1/08
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