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The invention relates to a wind power current generator comprising a bearing, a tubular stator that carries a race of the bearing, a tubular rotor coaxial with the tubular stator that can rotate in relation to the stator, a hub connected to the rotor, and at least two blades radially extending away from the hub. According to the invention, the stator and the rotor are formed with substantially tubular cross sections and are concentric to one another. The opposing surfaces of the rotor and stator carry permanent magnets and windings. The stator and rotor extend beyond either side of the magnets and the windings in order to accommodate an antifriction bearing on at least one side. The tubular nature of the rotor and stator allows easy passage of workers within the generator for maintenance thereof and of the blades. Additionally, the tubular nature facilitates air flow through the structure and out the blades, cooling equipment within the structure and aiding de-icing of the blades.

Wind power generator and bearing structure therefor
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7385305 (B2)
Application Date
April 13, 2007
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June 10, 2008
Otto Pabst
Rio di Pusteria, BZ, I-39037
Andreas Mair
Val di Vizze, BZ, I-39040
Matteo Casazza
Vipiteno, BZ, I-39049
Shlesinger & Fitzsimmons
B06H 3/01
F03D 11/00
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