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A snelled fly file for a fisherman to carry on their person is described. The file provides a fisherman instant identifiable and organized access to a snelled fly collection, thereby offering convenience and easily visible, instant selection. The two covers hold see-through bags of snelled flies within, each with identification cards whereby two flies can be held within each bag. The lanyard is preferably worn around the fisherman's neck, with instant open access to the flies within. The bags are removably contained between the two covers thereby allowing for the exchange of any bags of flies. This give a fisherman the ability to organize and retrieve his snelled flies as the fishing conditions may warrant.

Snelled fly file
Application Number
Publication Number
7380367 (B1)
Application Date
December 8, 2005
Publication Date
June 3, 2008
James S Andrews
Austin, 81410
Mark A Crossley
Crossley Patent Law
A01K 97/06
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