07380120 is referenced by 127 patents and cites 342 patents.

In a system for providing access control management to electronic data, techniques to secure the electronic data and keep the electronic data secured at all times are disclosed. According to one embodiment, a secured file or secured document includes two parts: an attachment, referred to as a header, and an encrypted document or data portion. The header includes security information that points to or includes the access rules and a file key. The access rules facilitate restrictive access to the secured document and essentially determine who/when/how/where the secured document can be accessed. The file key is used to encrypt/decrypt the encrypted data portion. Only those who have the proper access privileges are permitted to retrieve the file key to encrypt/decrypt the encrypted data portion.

Secured data format for access control
Application Number
Publication Number
7380120 (B1)
Application Date
February 12, 2002
Publication Date
May 27, 2008
Denis Jacques Paul Garcia
Palo Alto
Sterne Kessler Goldstein & Fox P L L C
Guardian Data Storage
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