07374327 is referenced by 89 patents and cites 16 patents.

A flat planar light fixture formed of a translucent panel with for the transmission of light is illuminated by a plurality of high brightness LEDs disposed along the edges thereof. A layer of reflective material on a back surface of the panel facilitates reflection and dispersion of light that occurs within the panel through a front surface thereof. The LEDs are powered by low-voltage direct current and coupled with an emergency backup battery that is maintained in a charged condition by household current. The light fixture may be operatively connected with a signal receiver that controls the light intensity and turns the LEDs on and off responsive to signals transmitted from a remote signal transmitter. The LEDs may be provided in different colors to allow the user to vary the color of illumination. The light fixture may also be operatively connected with an alarm system.

Light panel illuminated by light emitting diodes
Application Number
Publication Number
7374327 (B2)
Application Date
March 29, 2005
Publication Date
May 20, 2008
Craig J Schexnaider
Beaumont, 77703
F21V 7/04
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