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The present invention discloses an improvement in coaxial compression connectors used in, inter alia, CATV, satellite, and home theater electronics. The present connectors accept a large range of cable sizes, allow replacement of the holding or compression element to accommodate a range of sizes, and allow the connector to be re-uesable. The connector comprises an attachment nut operable for electrically connecting the coaxial cable to another device, a tubular shank attached to the connector nut operable for accepting the dielectric layer of the coaxial cable therewithin, a body portion connecting the nut and tubular shank, a compression ring and an outer shell. In a first embodiment, the compression ring is a relatively short tubular member removably housed within the outer shell. The compression ring has an annular compression groove on the outer circumference thereof which causes a mid-portion of the ring to deform inwardly in response to a longitudinal force applied to opposing ends of the compression ring to securely hold the cable within the connector and create a 360 degree moisture seal. In a second embodiment, the body portion deforms inwardly. In both embodiments, a shoulder within the shell abuts the trailing end of the compressive member and exerts a longitudinal compression force thereon that causes the compressive member to circumferentially buckle inwardly against the cable.

Compression ring for coaxial cable connector
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7364462 (B2)
Application Date
November 1, 2006
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April 29, 2008
Michael Holland
Santa Barbara, 93109
Michael Petit
Laura Tunnell
H01R 21/20
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