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A visual wear indicator is disclosed capable of giving a visual indication of the degree of wear on an athletic or other type of shoe. In general, the visual wear indicator may operate by having two different colored regions, each having a viscosity which varies a function of pressure. Before pressure is applied, the boundary between the two regions is clear. However, over time, as the midsole and/or outer sole of the shoe wear away, the pressure exerted on the visual wear indicator increases during activity. As the pressure increases, the viscosity of the regions eventually decreases. When the viscosity decreases, the regions bleed together, and the boundary between the regions becomes less clear. The degree of mixture between the regions may be calibrated to give a clear visual indication of when the shoe has worn down to the point where the shoe is unable to provide a desired level of support and stress absorption.

Visual wear indicator for footwear
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7353770 (B2)
Application Date
December 6, 2005
Publication Date
April 8, 2008
Chéri Sanguinetti
San Francisco, 94129
Vierra Magen Marcus & DeNiro
A43B 13/00
G01D 13/00
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