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An enhanced radio system is disclosed that provides for the capture and playback of one or more radio stations. The user may tune to a station, or scan through stations, rewind to hear what was missed (even while the system is turned off), and fast-forward through undesired content. The system allows a user to rate content, and to be notified when that content is being played on any station. The system may recognize content as it is broadcast and may jump to desirable content, save a copy of desirable content, or skip over undesirable content. The system may make radio station recommendations. The system may support multiple sets of configuration information to allow its use by multiple listeners and in multiple locations. The system allows the authorized user to respond easily to radio content, download and upload audio content, and send radio content to another user. The system may allow a user to download information about content that the user wishes to record a copy of. The system may provide other radio related and radio content related information. The system may provide a karaoke mode. The system may also allow the user to integrate a telephone with the radio. The system may report usage information to a collection facility.

Concurrent content capturing radio systems and methods
Application Number
Publication Number
7343141 (B2)
Application Date
June 15, 2004
Publication Date
March 11, 2008
Caron S Ellis
Boulder, 80304
Michael D Ellis
Boulder, 80304
Winston & Strwan
H04B 17/02
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