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A method for processing an incoming message in a handportable cellular telephone comprises looking up an identification of a sender of the message in a user-defined white list or black list before making the message available to the user of the telephone. The method thus allows for setting up a user-administrated spam filter for, e.g., SMS messages, e-mails, ringing tone or network setting messages. Access to the user-defined list may be password-protected, so as to prevent a user, such as a child, from amending the list, such amending being exclusively restricted to a person, such as a parent, administrating the phone. If the sender is not found in a user-defined white list, or if the sender is found in a user-defined black list, the message is discarded.

Handportable cellular telephone adapted to receive messages and a method for processing messages
Application Number
Publication Number
7330713 (B2)
Application Date
September 3, 2003
Publication Date
February 12, 2008
Dong Zhu
Harrington & Smith PC
Nokia Corporation
H04L 12/58
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