07328472 is referenced by 20 patents and cites 149 patents.

A configurable, adjustable inflatable device including one or more inflatable bladders and a shape-defining membrane that combines with the inflatable bladders such that an overall shape of the configurable inflatable device is at least partially controlled by the shape-defining membrane, and wherein the overall shape of the configurable inflatable device is substantially different from an inflated shape of inflatable bladders alone. The configurable adjustable inflatable device may include a covering layer that may partially or completely surround the inflatable bladders and may attach to the membrane or the inflatable bladders. The level of inflation of the inflatable bladders may also be controlled, further adding to the adjustability of the inflatable device.

Configurable inflatable support devices
Application Number
Publication Number
7328472 (B2)
Application Date
July 10, 2002
Publication Date
February 12, 2008
Robert B Chaffee
Boston, 02116
Lowrie Lando & Anastasi
A47C 27/08
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