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A method of controlling concurrent users of a distributed resource on a network is disclosed. In one aspect, there are one or more local lock managers executing on corresponding hosts and cooperating as a distributed lock manager. The resource is limited to a maximum number of concurrent users. A user identification for each user is associated with one host. In response to a request associated with a particular user associated with a first host, a lock is requested from a first local lock manager process executing on the first host. A related method of handling a request for a count-limited resource includes receiving a request from a client process for the computer resource. If it is determined that the request exceeds a maximum count for the resource, then it is determined whether a current time is within a retry time period of the client's first request. If it is determined the current time is within the retry time period, then it is automatically determined again whether the request exceeds the maximum count for the resource. If it is determined that the request does not exceed the maximum count, then the resource is provided to the client process.

Controlling access of concurrent users of computer resources in a distributed system using an improved semaphore counting approach
Application Number
Publication Number
7328263 (B1)
Application Date
January 30, 2001
Publication Date
February 5, 2008
Shahrokh Sadjadi
Hickman Palermo Truong & Becker
Cisco Technology
G06F 17/00
G06F 15/16
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