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This invention provides a method and system for the curative treatment of obesity. A first aspect of this invention is that it enables identification of the nerves responsible for the relaxation of the stomach muscles that occurs prior to and during eating. A second aspect of the invention is that it allows the physician to identify focal nerve sites in the stomach and upper duodenum that are associated with producing sensations of hunger and satiety. Nervous transmission from these sites can be modulated or blocked all together so as to minimize the sensation of hunger. A third aspect of this invention is that allows a physician to shrink selected portions of the innermost oblique muscle and middle circular muscle layers of the stomach. This can be performed in a physician's office using local anesthesia. Shrinkage of these muscles produces a feeling of satiety that enhances the patient's efforts to restrict his caloric intake.

Surgical weight control device
Application Number
Publication Number
7326207 (B2)
Application Date
January 26, 2005
Publication Date
February 5, 2008
Stuart D Edwards
Portola Valley
Ryan Kromholz & Manion S C
Curon Medical
A61B 18/18
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