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Multiple DIMM circuits or instantiations are presented in a single module. In some embodiments, memory integrated circuits (preferably CSPs) and accompanying AMBs, or accompanying memory registers, are arranged in two ranks in two fields on each side of a flexible circuit. The flexible circuit has expansion contacts disposed along one side. The flexible circuit is disposed about a supporting substrate or board to place one complete DIMM circuit or instantiation on each side of the constructed module. In alternative but also preferred embodiments, the ICs on the side of the flexible circuit closest to the substrate are disposed, at least partially, in what are, in a preferred embodiment, windows, pockets, or cutaway areas in the substrate. Other embodiments may only populate one side of the flexible circuit or may only remove enough substrate material to reduce but not eliminate the entire substrate contribution to overall profile. The flexible circuit may exhibit one or two or more conductive layers, and may have changes in the layered structure or have split layers. Other embodiments may stagger or offset the ICs or include greater numbers of ICs.

High capacity thin module system and method
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7324352 (B2)
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March 1, 2005
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January 29, 2008
Paul Goodwin
Fish & Richardson P C
Staktek Group
H05K 1/11
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