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There is provided a method of incinerating a waste material to process incineration residues produced in a gasification furnace easily with existing equipment. A combustible gas generated when a waste material A is dry-distilled in a gasification furnace 1 is introduced into a combustion furnace 3 and combusted therein. The combustible gas is generated in the gasification furnace 1 in order to keep the temperature in the combustion furnace 3 at a temperature capable of melting incineration residues. The incineration residues are charged into the combustion furnace 3 while the combustible gas is being combusted therein, and melted into a melted material B that is discharged from an outlet 3 of the combustion furnace 3 into a receptacle 33 in which the melted material B is solidified. Air supplied to an air jacket 6 and oxygen supplied to the gasification furnace 1 and the combustion furnace 3 are heated by a heat exchange with waste gases from the combustion furnace 3. The heat exchange is carried out by providing a heat exchanger 36 with a conduit 8 disposed therein in a passage of the waste gases from the combustion furnace 4, and passing air or oxygen through the conduit 8 upstream in the passage of the waste gases.

Method for incineration disposal of waste
Application Number
Publication Number
7318382 (B2)
Application Date
June 7, 2001
Publication Date
January 15, 2008
Masamoto Kaneko
Paul A Guss
Kinsei Sangyo
F23G 5/02
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